Escaping the Cage: The Book

Life is full of cages. These seemingly big cages keep us from being fully maximized in the abundant life that God created for each of us. In these pages, Pastor Jordan Easley examines some of the traps that hold us tightly. With great humor, and biblical wisdom this book helps identify and unlock the cages of worry, stress, fear, pride, and anger. Pastor Jordan reminds everyone that life was intended to be lived with hope and freedom found only in the key of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Jordan Easley

About Jordan

Jordan Easley is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Cleveland, a 7,000 member congregation in East Tennessee. He has authored two additional books; Life Change and Resuscitating Evangelism. He is a world traveler and is known for his passion to live the Great Commission. Jordan and his wife Audra live in Tennessee with their two children.